Electric Vehicle Information Link Page

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The links below provide useful information about electric vehicles and people's experience with them.
Anyone considering the purchase of an electric vehicle should read this information beforehand.

A man buys a used Tesla and a week later the batteries fail. What does he do now? READ STORY & WATCH VIDEO

The hassle of charging an electric vehicle. READ STORY & WATCH VIDEO

Tesla discovers batteries fail sooner than predicted and issues software upgrade to extend battery life READ STORY

How Much range Does an Electric Car Lose Each Year? READ STORY

Volkswagen Confirms 8% Battery Capacity Degradation after 14 months and 16,000 miles. READ STORY & WATCH VIDEO

How Does A 2013 Tesla Model S Fare After 215,464 miles? READ STORY

Why I regret buying an electric car READ STORY

20 drawbacks of electric vehicles drivers commonly overlook. READ STORY

A long wait in line to get to a charging station for another long wait at the charger. READ STORY & WATCH VIDEO

EV fires are almost impossible to extinguish READ STORY

Tesla Model S P100D Catches Fire In Georgia READ STORY

AAA test reveals cold weather can reduce an EVs range by 40%. READ STORY

EVs cost 1.6 times more to service than ICE vehicles in the first year READ STORY

CNBC takes a road trip in an EV READ STORY

No Parking Allowed For Chevy Bolt EVs At A Parking Lot In SF READ STORY

Never as EV as it seems READ STORY

EV Speed vs Range chart. SEE CHART

EDITOR's NOTE: Some people buy EVs thinking they will save money by avoiding the gas station. That is true but it doesn't happen as soon as you think. It can be between 15 to 20 years before you save one penny depending on when the batteries fail. You don't begin to save until the amount you don't pay the gas station equals the amount you did pay for your EV and any battery replacements. Always remember, saving money is not about who gets your money. Its about how much leaves your bank account.